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September 8th, 2009 → Leave a comment

For those of you who wonder how my shows come together, here’s how ADD turns into streamlined action from last Friday’s rehearsal at UCLA where I’m an artist-in-residence at the HOTHOUSE residency for artists. I’m turning CAT LADY into a full length show!

Basically, I jam on a bunch of ideas, images, emotions and themes. I improvise scenes with trusted collaborators (this last week it’s been with aerialist/ actor Kennedy Kabasares). I have props available for use in the improv. Write each idea or scene down separately on a card, even scenes that aren’t written.

Next, I see if I can see a movement that the story might follow (this one for Cat Lady broke down into five convenient acts). Then organize all the cards in some kind of order along this act structure.

Viola! I have an outline!

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