Drastic = Sushi Making Class

February 25th, 2009 → Leave a comment

If you known me for a while, you know that sometimes I’ll have blogs (like my last one) that end with me saying fatalistic things like: “I’m joining a cult!,” then there is silence for a few days, and then the next entry will be something frivolous about a new haircut or something. With no mention of my previous freak out.

Anyway, I keep forgetting that these six weeks of relatively unstructured time in Los Angeles is for me to write, administrate, and do all those things that I need to do to keep working and make creative work. The trap is that unstructured time often gets wasted with freaking out about the meaning of life. The first few days back have been hard because I feel like when I get back to LA after long trips, especially in this economy, its like I’m trying to jump into some double dutch ropes that are moving too fast or not at all.

Lately, the city has felt really quiet. Like a long continuation of what it felt like over Christmas break. Is it just me? There’s nothing really interesting going on as far as I can tell. It’s gotten so uneventful here that my friend invited me to a picnic in the Valley in two weeks and I was like, “YES! I’m coming!!!”

Mike, the director and editor or our concert film reminded me that there is plenty of work left to do before I freak out and backpack across the country for eight years. And we’re getting an editing schedule going so we can finish our wonderful Wong Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest Concert film. (Which is looking pretty marvelous I might say.) I’m also making a goal to apply for more grants and residencies and maybe pick up my novel again after having put it down after my residency in Florida last summer. Also, crank out a few spec scripts.

And so, I’m back on the saddle. I was panicked a bit the other night when I blogged about working on an organic farm– something that I have been seriously considering if our economy collapses and art is obliterated in its wake. I found myself going through the community college course catalog looking for classes to keep me busy. For half a second I thought about taking a fabric basket making course. I wanted to take this tap dance class but alas, the carless life makes it impossible to get down there. (Anyone want to take this tap class in Culver City with me for five weeks? It starts tomorrow and is only $50!)

I often feel like a senior citizen in these stretches of unstructured time in Los Angeles. Like when I come home from touring, I have this semi “retirement savings” to live on while I enjoy the view and find things to keep my occupied so I don’t let my mind wander too much. It’s also a huge contrast from life on the road where I’m the belle of the ball in the cities I visit and integral to their culture. Here, I sometimes wonder if people even know or care that I’m back.

(I’m back! Where’s my party!!!)

I signed up for a one day class in March to learn to make sushi. This was my drastic gesture to deal with the quiet. I was going to take an cross stitch class on Friday, but it’s $60. That’s a lot of dough when I can pretty much teach myself to do cross stitch. Yes, teach myself… cross stitch. I’m going to cross stitch portraits of me and my cat.

Oh god, what’s happening?

I guess this is what people start to do at my age when they are unmarried with no kids… they start taking classes at the Learning Annex and play chess with homeless people on the beach.

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