One Lucky Homersexual: A quick tour of Homer, AK before my bedtime.

January 29th, 2009 → Leave a comment

Damn I’m lucky! Snow and the beach at the same time! Can you believe I get to come here as part of my creative life? This has probably been up there with one of the best tours ever. It was well worth all the packing anxiety and the year-long contract negotiation process. Say what you will about Alaska in the winter, but I’ve really had a great time seeing this totally different part of the world. And granted, I’ve hardly even gone outside.

We took a little plane here from Anchorage. It was really exciting to fly in a little commuter jet where we were still close to the ground enough to make out dog sled tracks in the snow. We didn’t even have to go through security before getting on the plane.

The sign outside of Two Sisters Bakery where I eat breakfast each morning.

I’ve already become a staple at the neighborhood bar. I’ve never been a regular at any bar, but seeing as there is nothing and nowhere else really to go at night, we’ve made a home at Duggan’s Irish bar. The bartender already knows my “regular drink” (a pale ale they have one tap) and brings it to me as soon as I sit down. I’ve decided that I shall be known as “Norm.” I also decided that Nicole (my technician) will be “Frasier.” It also turns out that the night we got in was Karaoke night and thanks to the cordless mics, I can sing in the kitchen.

I am holding the pan for emphasis

John, the line cook, and I are already best buds. I sing him “Don’t Stop Believin'” by Journey.

John was really nice about the fact that he would have to wipe down the counter again after the song’s finale. No thanks to my dirty shoes.

I already have new friends coming out to see my show… which opens tomorrow!

Gorgeous huh? What a great life. Though I must say, I do need to get out of Alaska soon because the men are actually becoming attractive to me.

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