Celebrating Christmas by Condemning the Innocent– Tune into KPFK.org 90.7 at 7am Christmas Day!

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Tomorrow we celebrate the birth of Christ in our separation of church and state country by gorging on food and indulging in rampant consumerism and waste. Oh yes, and we spend time with those we love…..

So what better day than Christmas to read bad poetry and overly dramatic entries from the journals I kept as a 13 year old?

Tune in at 7am PST on Christmas Day as Riku Matsuda has me on his morning show reading 13 year old Kristina Wong diary entries and poems!

You can listen to the show anywhere in the world at KPFK.org.

Listen as I spend the most celebratory day in the year of change totally humiliating one of the many pretend boyfriends I had at 13 (or, if anything, humiliating myself! Yay!).

I do believe the show will be archived if you miss it.

*****ALSO Please join my fan page. Every new fan adds a symbolic centimeter to my ego penis.


love, Kristina

ps To my Jewish friends! I also eat Chinese food with you on Christmas Day! We are one! (Yes, the joke never gets old, as long as I’m around.)

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