Decrapathon: The Update

December 19th, 2008 → Leave a comment

If you were curious. I set a goal a few posts ago to reduce the contents of my apartment by half. Sell at least $1000 of crap out of this place (via Amazon and Craigslist) and put that moolah into my friend’s restaurant. And move move move stuff out of here!

So far, I’ve made $500 ridding the crap out of this place.

Some nice surprises…

Got about $70 for a stack of old Bust and Adbusters Magazines.
Got $100 for a wetsuit I will never use.

The more I go visit my friends in their nice clean apartments, the more I want to stack stuff up and get it out of here.

Have not reduced the contents of my apartment by half. But what room I’ve made makes a big difference. Somehow though, I seem to have accumulated more since coming back from Seattle….

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