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November 4th, 2008 → Leave a comment

Unfortunately, many of the fungoers out in West Hollywood did not have the imagination to see that I was Sarah Palin on Halloween night. It could have been all the excessive props (tiara, sash, assault rifle and binoculars for seeing Russia).

I can’t believe I am setting my alarm at 6:15am so that I can exercise my right to vote today/tomorrow. I’ve been batshit antsy about this election. I don’t want to miss my chance to do this right so I am going to be one of the first people in line. I’ve just prepared my voter cheat sheet so I know who and what to vote for. (Fyi, SEIU has a great one as does the League of Women Voters).

So far I’ve had at least two nightmares about the election. One dream I had last week was about how my friend Mike had to drive us to upstate NY so we could vote and when I got there I kept punching the wrong holes in the card. And when I went to pick up the card out of the puncher it was full of hanging chads (gasp!). The other nightmare was about the “Yes on 8” weirdos having their way with this election. Separation of church and state— lest we forget!

On election day (Btw, I prefer to call it “Erection Day”– no reason), from 11am -2pm I will be volunteering 100 feet (or is it yards?) from the polls to clarify voters on “No on 8.” There is some really bad information out there. Apparently people think “Yes on 8” means “Yes for Gay Marriage.” Also some shady “Yes on 8” proponents have targeted gay folks and confused them that “Yes on 8” means “Yes to gay marriage.”

Right now, we’re so close in the polls. It’s pretty much, a tie. So every vote against Prop 8 is critical.

Argh! I’ve not done such sincere proposition campaigning in a long long time. I’m used to dressing like a fake billionaire and giving fake interviews. I went to a training on Sunday and it was really moving to see so many people ready to volunteer for equality. It was kind of teary for me to be in a room with so much passion. And it was people from all walks of life– young and old, gay and straight, white people and people of color. I’ve been inspired by this election. How much hope and love there is this time around. How it isn’t about “Oh no! Not Bush!” but that we’ve got an amazing candidate in Obama who has really made me rethink how cool and real politicians can be. How I can actually find a hero in a politician.

They told us that our job is not to debate or argue with people, but just to clarify to people what Prop 8 is. They reminded us repeatedly– “disengage from confrontation”… what a challenge for me…. I so much prefer being a sassy pants. But for the cause, for three hours, I will be on my bestest behavior.

And then tomorrow night, I’m prepared for an Obama victory (it has to happen). I’m headed to an Obama Victory party which will be the greatest “Happy New Year”-esque party in the history of life. I want to be by beer and people and televisions. I want to cry and hold strangers like we’ve been given a second chance at a great American life.

We’re in this place America. We’re smack dab in middle of a fork in the road. It’s either going to be the end of the worst and the beginning of the change we need so badly. Or it will be yet another chapter in the Red bloody nightmare that’s being playing out the last 8 years.

Please vote.

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