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Not bad. I got to my polling place at 7:04 am and was out of there just before 8am. The word on the East Coast from my tech Jen in Philadelphia was that the lines were 2 hours long.

Which leaves me wondering… either West LA polling places are super efficient or not enough people are voting!?!

But I loved being in that line with my fellow Americans, I took at least 20 photos of the whole process on my Blackberry. I was ready to wait up to 3 hours which is why I was up at the ass crack of dawn. I couldn’t sleep as I listened to the rain. This is like the prom or something.

I feel so proud to be an American citizen.

There were times in line this morning when I just wanted to shout and scream, “Yes! We are Americans!!!” and high five my fellow Americans (be they Democrats or even Republicans– gasp!) for showing up to vote!

It was cool seeing the teenage boy who lives in my building and his mom coming out of the polling place before me. They are black. I bet this was his first time voting and what a great thing it must have been for them to see a black candidate on the ballot for the highest position in the land. He said hi. It was so cool to see my neighbors at the polls. Like a real community.

Here is how I voted on one important item…..

And another…..

And in two hours, I’ll be handing out palm cards for “No on 8!”

Those ballots are scary. I was shaking as I held my pen because I didn’t want to make any mistakes. I’ve pretty much memorized all my votes, but as I’m in there looking at the different little dots…. I’m like: Wait! Did I do this right?! Is it No or Yes?!!

I double checked it all for accuracy and handed it nervously to the Armenian senior citizen poll worker who was taking the ballots and running them through the machine.

By the way, I don’t want to give anymore attention to the opposition but I must point out how bad the acting in the following two commercials are. I don’t know what remedial ass acting class they got these actors from, if anything, the bad acting should clue you in to how hard it was to find people willing to represent a “pro” position on this crap.

If you are still undecided on Props 4 and 8– just vote against them based on the bad acting….

This is funny, I saw it when I got home and was laughing to no end. You can almost see the guy fishing for his lines. I’m glad that they were able to give work to the out of work writers of 80s afterschool specials for this one.

The look of disdain on the actor playing Mommy’s face is priceless.

“And you know what else I learned Mommy? That the princess can use a harness and a plug and whips and chains!?!”

Anyway, back to freaking out around the house…..

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