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Today I am doing some work on the “No on 8” Campaign. I’ve not done direct political campaigning work but I feel both a need to speak out against such an awful proposition and also feel involved in this vote. What a freaking backwards ass proposition. I opened the paper last week and some fear freak took a full page ad out with a picture of Jesus on the cross and a quote from Leviticus about how a “man should not lie with a man.” And then it’s followed with a tagline “Vote Yes on Prop 8” at the bottom.

By the way, Leviticus is really like the Marlon Jackson of the Bible (ie “Wait? Who’s is that? Which one of the Jackson 5 was he? Is he still alive?”).

I say, if this ad doesn’t have Jesus with a straight up speech bubble coming out of his mouth saying, “I died on the cross because I want you to bomb Iraq and discriminate people based on who they choose to love,” then I am not convinced that Prop 8 and Jesus are in cahoots.

Here’s my CA voter guide.

Vote Obama

YES— Prop 5, Measure 1A and R

NO– Props 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11

And if you are in San Francisco

YES– Prop K

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