Hello it’s 4:55am, can someone explain retirement funds to me?

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Yet again, the economy has interrupted any semblance of normal sleep patterns to bring me….


How is it I am becoming my parents? I never thought I’d be obsessed with things like retirement and the stock market. I always figured if I got old and had no savings that I’d do background work in movies because old people doing extra work seems to be in really high demand– at least now it does. That, or I’d do the equivalent of what the 70+ year old Thai Elvis does at Palms Thai Restaurant in Hollywood– dress up as “Chinese Barbara Streisand” and sing standards at a Chinese restaurant in my olden years. I guess by the time I am old, movie studios will figure out how to CGI background actors into scenes so we will be totally unnecessary. For this Brave New World– I must be prepared!

Somehow, as of late, I’ve turned the corner and there it was ahead of me… the great beyond of living up your artsy 20s comes the realities of getting older. And the scary realities of what this economy is doing to the market for artists. I have a few engagements coming up, but nothing like what it used to be. Playgirl has folded. My friends can’t even budget enough to go out for a beer, let alone live theater. More dates are going dutch on this classy broad than I think necessary.

So rather than drown, I choose flight. Who is coming with me?

I’ll always be an artist, AND I will always be a financially savvy one. I have long since rejected labels like “starving artist,” “struggling artist” or “poor artist.” Because the more you let people call you that (and the more you call yourself that), the more you become it.

At the same time, “living rich” doesn’t mean you should blow your savings at the bar, or outspend your means because you “deserve it.” I see this happen so much. I have friends who are drowning in debt, or worse, filing for bankruptcy in their 20s and 30s.

For a half second, when I was tired of writing grants, I contemplated marrying into wealth by going on Bravo’s “The Millionaire Matchmaker”– but there ain’t no free lunch sisters. That show is so sad. All these millionaires dating out of work actresses with no sense of identity. All these women desperately clawing towards these douches.

Listen to me! I am married to myself! Women need to learn to take care of themselves without the help of men. Yes, and we must learn to take care of the family with only a little, if any, of their help. We must have our own backs. It sucks, but we must do it!

The scary thing is in my last few relationships, I’ve been the “rich” one… WTF?!

I’m reading all sorts of wikihow articles on how the stock market works, how to be rich, and how to invest.
Here are some interesting things from the how to be rich article.

Well, I got the give up your car thing! Now I must work on the other four.

See you at the country club! I’ll be arriving by bus!

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