The Self Fulfilling Prophecy

September 11th, 2008 → Leave a comment

Today is my father’s birthday. I called to wish him a Happy Birthday” and he asked: “Have you seen ‘America’s Got Talent?’ so entertaining.”

My mother picked up the phone and said, “I read your bob Kristina” (for some reason, my American born mother pronounces “blog”– “bob”) and then she began to scold me for my entry below. “You are creating a self fulfulling prophecy… If you keep thinking that nobody will come to your show… then nobody will. I think you should vocalize all the good things you think will happen like, ‘What if the show sells out?'”

It was all so very “The Secret” of her. I was suprised. After all, I thought I got the gift for worry and panic from my parents.

So here are my new “what-ifs”….

What if my show sells out and people stop getting depressed and stop killing themselves?
What if everyone loves it?What if it goes really well and people love me?
What if men with jobs watch it and fall in love with me and ask me out and then marry me and I become a kept woman?

Thanks Mommy.

By the way, tomorrow morning (9/11) at 7am, I am on the KPFK morning show giving out free tickets for the show!

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