All good things must come to a relaunch!

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In all my madness of getting ready for my upcoming 3 week run of Wong Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest in Los Angeles. (Btw, did you get your tickets yet?), I totally didn’t realize that (the once cutting edge for a fake porn site that I built way back when in college) had gone in for a redesign thanks to Steve at I really appreciate that he fixed it up for me! I had no motivation to.

New features….

* Submit yourself as a bride!
* More faux porn layout

It still needs a lot of rewriting and work. But it’s up and that’s where we’ll start.

In other news, I am going to be a bridesmaid this winter in my friend Chay’s wedding. Yay! A chance to participate in the world of hetero normativity within close proximity! I was a bridesmaid before for my friend’s Mormon wedding, but because I was not Mormon could only show up at the reception with a wine colored skirt on and my offensive arms showing.

I was also asked to MC my friends, Mike and Nancy’s wedding. That was cool. I wrote jokes and stuff for them that were too brilliant for the masses to understand. This time, I get to actually walk in the ceremony. I will forever be part of Chay’s wedding memories! GASP!

Chay brought me a brochure of different bridesmaid dresses to choose from. I was a bit disappointed that there were no pop-up collars, sequins, gorgeously tacky bell sleeves, rip-away pants, or hoop skirts in any of the selections. But I will make due. I’m supposed to walk with her future brother-in-law (who’s single and hot with a JOB, btw) down the aisle or something hetero-normative, pseudo marriage-ish like that.

I already told Chay I’m not going to be able to do this wedding stuff with a straight face or without mugging for the camera the whole time. And that if her future bro-in-law is as hot as he is in his pics, I’ll probably just park my ass at the altar when we get there and scream, “My turn! My turn!” She said I can work my antics out during the rehearsal. I told her the rehearsal will only make my behavior at her wedding worse. I also volunteered to be the entertainment and introduce the families. Do a table dance, drinking contest…. you know, whatever it is these normal straight people do at these wedding things…

What can I say? I am the Wong.

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