Things I’ve wondered about in the last 24 hours

August 8th, 2008 → Leave a comment

Why is Nancy Grace so obsessed with dead and abducted children?

Why doesn’t human or pet feces make good compost?

What is it like emotionally to be a 13 years old girl and lose your virginity in 2008 versus in 1991? (Not that I was a 13 year old girl in 1991 who lost her virginity, mind you)

Why did I just spend over $100 on dresses when I already have a closet full of clothes and no business buying anything right now?

I guess I should pack for San Francisco. Going up for six days. My grandpa turns 89 this weekend! But, we aren’t sure if that’s his real birthday or INS birthday. Though that’s the one we’ve been counting.

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