Shake Shake Shake

July 29th, 2008 → Leave a comment

Welcome back to reality Kristina Wong. In the 72 hours I’ve been back in Los Angeles, I’ve spent at least $800 (on props, personnel, groceries, fuel, bills etc), got rehearsals for my shows up and running, and just now… a big ass earthquake. I totally forgot what to do during an earthquake. I was at the REDCAT when the building started shaking and just stood next to the glass cabinet in the lobby waiting for it to be over… dumb! Lest I forget that I was alive for the 1989 San Francisco quake?

Luckily, everything is fine. A bottle of lotion fell in my bathroom. No biggie. Otherwise, everything is ok.

It’s a bit stressful getting this show going. It’s a very different for me… as every new show should be. I’m going through all sorts of pre-premiere anxiety. And I screamed “motherucker” at least 100 times this morning as I was going through my lines.

Oliver is sitting on my lap. He’s happy that I am back. I wonder if he realizes I am doing a show on him.

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