The Wedding of Kristina and Kristina– almost 1.5 months strong.

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I hit a grumpy moment when my cell phone charger conked out just a couple hours ago. It’s inexplicably wet on the inside. I have no idea how. But it is. There’s no puddle or leak in the cottage, it just stopped working and was all wet inside and plugged in nowhere near water. Nature most definitely has turned against me. First, it was my keyboard ($185 to restore the F key!). Now my phone charger. Next it will be… my other electric powered vices….

It’s her way of saying, “Time to not have a cell phone for a few days and blog about your wedding which you never told your readers about.”

The Wedding of Kristina and Kristina! June 4, 2008

Yes, it’s true. I am married now as of June 4, 2008. Our ceremony was at the Merkato Ethiopian Restaurant in LA. And surprisingly, the first wedding ever to happen there. I even have changed my status on myspace and facebook to “married.” It’s serious. Who is the lucky guy, girl or tranny you ask? Me! Kristina Wong! I know, it was very sudden. But when you know someone is so right for you, you can’t help but dive right in.

I vowed to love and cheerish myself forever. Unconditionally. I had some cold feet but thanks to the encouraging words of friends and an Ethiopian guy dining at the adjacent table, I am learning that love is ongoing. It is a process. It is “survived” (in the words of my poet friend Kelly Tsai).

The Wedding of Kristina and Kristina was officiated by Reverend Marcus Kuiland Nazario. My Man of Honor/ Ring Boy was Pete Lee. My friends and other restaurant patrons and staff were my witnesses.

Here are some highlights from the ceremony…

It is customary for the bride to spank her guests. My friend Yi, got me a riding crop as a wedding present!

At this wedding, we ate first! This is one of my favorite restaurants in LA. I always order the fish.

I asked friends to give to my favorite non-profits as part of my “gift registry.” I did get some plants though! Here is a money plant from Daisy Lin Shapiro who did the “Yours Truly, Miss Chinatown” documentary that I am featured in.

There was a pretty funny moment when I got to the “altar” and looked both ways… and yep, nobody else was coming. Just me and me!

Reverend Marcus makes me look at my wife. Though this mirror looks like a birth control container.

Nurit, who directs a lot of my work, offered the advice of “not being so tough on Kristina when you get married to her.”

My friend, Ellen Switkes said to not go to bed angry. What great advice. We really have listened to it.

My best friend Pete Lee offers some loving words of advice for the couple.

My ring was a plastic heart. “With this ring, I me wed.” Of the ring I said, “This is the everlasting circle, and like the plastic this is made of, so our love last as long.”

I also put on a necklace that had a jade pendant from my grandmother, and another jade pendant from my mother as symbols of the women before me and the love and nagging that fuel my spirit.

Cutting the wedding/ birthday cake. This was a red velvet one from Susie’s. When I went to pick it up they were like, “You are buying your own birthday cake? How sad.”

“No, not sad. Awesomely awesome,” I said as I left.

Oh those crazy newlyweds feeding each other cake!

What’s a wedding without a bouquet toss? This one was for men and women!

Shameka gets married next to herself!


My friend/ reverend Marcus officiates by offering his words of wisdom for the bride and bride. I also do my own vows.

Reverend Marcus leads the group vows. He’s very creative.

So that’s it. That’s the report from married life. I am still learning the ropes of self-love being a Newlywed a month and a half later. It’s hard to learn to live with someone forever… even if it is yourself. I actually do look over to my pink plastic wedding ring and feel what a lot of married people feel: “Wow, look at that, there’s someone out there who is committed to loving me. And I’m with her all the time!”

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