Don’t be scared of the future.

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I know I must seem annoyingly utopic to read, especially if you are at your day job when you read my blog and I’m here on the beach being artsy.

“Damn that Kristina Wong for getting to go to Florida to be an artist.”

I’m sad it will be over soon, I will have to head back to LA in less than two weeks, and I have to go back to my life of squeezing creative time between administrative errands that afford me the creative space. When I return, I am committed to changing my habits so that I really make more creative space in my life and don’t get drowned in the particulars.

Add to my new crack-like addictions (which already included crafts, knitting, bikes and VH1)— my new addiction to CNN. CNN is much easier on the eyes with Obama running for office. But watching so much CNN can cause panic about the future.

How am I going to fuel my vegetable oil car!? How will I survive this economy? How will I afford to eat if we run out of food? What about Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae and Indymac?!?! What will I do if the arts world dries up and there is no more milk for this little kitty to lap?


No friends, we can’t panic. We just can’t. I don’t know what the answers to all this crap of the world are… BUT we must have vision and look at the future and be creative and say, “How can we find ways to still be happy and enjoy ourselves in the midst of this panic?”

For me, I like to sew things. And it makes me happy. And I’ve gotten to read a lot of books. I’m also reading a book my friend Danielle gave me many years ago called “Succulent Wild Woman” by Sark. Sark talks about learning to live with and without money. And not letting your money define your identity. She talks about how women should get married to themselves (sound familiar?) and having tea parties for other great women.

The other artist here Sonja and I have become great friends. She’s my best friend here besides Bruce the director of the Hermitage. Yes, there are just three people here. And I love them.

Sonja wrote a nice blog about me.

Little things are great things that make life great. So don’t be scared of the future Kristina, you can handle anything!

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