people can make babies

July 4th, 2008 → Leave a comment

perhaps, blogging under the influence of several many glasses of wine is a bad idea.  but i always think wine is a great way to step outside my body and look at my world.  ok.  so right now, i am on facebook looking at my friends from college, and they are all having babies.  this is totally nuts, because i am married to myself and drinking wine in florida.  i’ve not had much of a desire to reproduce.  but i did think lately i should adopt a kids from china when i am in my 40s.  and i will give her a name like “awesome wong” or “hell ya wong”

my questions are…
why do people have babies?
why am i alone in florida with a bottle of wine that my friends mike and nancy mailed me?
am i awesome or lame for getting married to myself on my bday?
do i have nice hair?
and can i still be a supermodel?
what do you think?
kristina white wine wong
btw, i learned how to cast a fishing rod today.  i didn’t catch a fish though.  story of my life.

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