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July 4th, 2008 → Leave a comment

Oh, that was a bad idea to drink all that wine by myself.  I am here with crackers (the kind you eat, not the kind that live in Florida) trying to make this headache go away.

On an up note, being totally inebriated last night allowed me to call and text half the names in my address book and tell people how much I love them.  I actually almost drunk dialed my folks.  That would have been interesting.
Yesterday I was thinking how it’s so odd that I’m not even friends with my friends anymore on Facebook or Myspace, but with their wedding photos, their babies and TODDLERS.  It’s like when they say that people’s identities change when they become parents… their lives literally become the lives of their kids.  
And my identity, is a this nutso artist who is listed as “Married” on her profile… but my photo albums reveal that I am married to myself and that my babies are my shows and my art.  And while my friends are doing grown up stuff like checking out daycare programs and getting baby seats, I’m teaching myself how to fish, eating cheese and crackers with the iguanas, and toasting my wine glass to the Gulf of Mexico.
There is this funny episode of Sex in the City where the four of them are at a wedding, all wearing black, smoking cigs and being fabulous and single and Carrie says, “And then there’s us… we’re like the Witches of Eastwick.”  That’s how I kinda felt yesterday, wandering to my beach cottage with a wine glass and the wine bottle tucked under my arm.  Stumbling a bit in the dark, the geckos jumping around me, the crickets chirping, I could scream and nobody would hear me.  
I’m like this lone crazy witch.  On a beach.  Brewing up trouble.
What a great life.

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