Batshit Crazy.

June 26th, 2008 → Leave a comment

Ok, I know I’ve been blogging a lot. But now that I feel somewhat less spooked I can write about this. Basically. There’s a ghost in this house. This has been confirmed by the Director. It’s the grandma of the guy who built this house in 1907. And during some seance they had way back when, she said she was happy with how this house is now being used. And she’s friendly. And her presence has been confirmed by the board. I wish she would help me kill these roaches and write the novel. But it’s creeping me out a bit. I think this only happened this week with the advent of the roaches takeover which has made me ultra antsy. Though tonight, there was only one tiny roach and a big roach that ran back into the walls when I came in for the kill.

I am not one to “feel” ghosts. But I feel this one. I can’t describe it. But I’ll be brushing my teeth and it’s clear I’m not alone.

I’m beginning to feel like Sarah Winchester.

So I’m on this totally nocturnal schedule. Where in my freakouts, I am wide awake at night staying up with the ghost and the roaches. Doing computer work. And all sorts of weird crap happens. Like frogs inexplicably appear and throw themselves against the window and breathe. Floorboards creek.

So I’m slowly moving back to a regular sleep schedule. Because being up late at night, I know, can bring this out in a person. Delirium. Cabin Fever.

On a bright note. Here are some video blogs I made right before sunset.

Me talking about how much I love Obama kissing babies.

A tour of the Manasota Key.

This is really bad.

If you were wondering how I am progressing with work.

I made this for my friend Double G who says stuff that sounds psychotic if you say it back slower and more breathy.

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