I want to save every fetus in Florida. I really do.

June 24th, 2008 → Leave a comment

Saving a Fetus in Florida from kristina wong on Vimeo.
So now my videoblogs are getting so long and windy that I actually have to host them on Vimeo! Anyway, this one is good! I hope you will listen to today’s big moral debacle about whether or not to save a child’s life by speaking up or shutting up. Today, I chose to shut up.

As a result, a one eyed four legged child will come into the world… and she will probably be named “Kristina” after the woman who decided to use “the law of attraction” to save her unborn life, rather than a good ol’ fashion tongue lashing.

I am so sorry Baby Kristina….

On an up note. I saw a turtle today on the side of the road. I think turtles can hiss. Here is the turtle I sang to.

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