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June 13th, 2008 → Leave a comment

This is what it looks like over the gulf right before the storms come in.

I’m so so so so close to finishing this commencement speech. It’s killing me. It’s taking me days to articulate and filter down what I want to say. It’s hard when I can’t rely on my old stand-bys to get me through this speech– no profanity, no strap on vag, no-strap on weiner, no battery powered unitard or karaoke machine, no excessive costuming or super interactiveness… Just words. Encouraging words! UGH!!! So hard!!!

But I feel quite close and I think I can have something by the end of the day.

I am practicing reading this to people. If you want me to read this to you. Email me (k AT and I’ll read it to you by phone.

I’m also not sleeping well here. Well, I will go to bed listening to the waves but feel unrested when I wake up and have all sorts of weird dreams. This morning I woke up with this nasty crick in my neck and now I can’t turn my head to the left all the way.

I will just accept it as me detoxing from city life.

I had my first “race incident” yesterday. It’d been a while since I’d experienced something like this. I decided to go for a walk in the nature walk across the road. Mostly because I wanted to look for iguanas and lizards which I haven’t seen since the first day here. And I was actually quite freaked out on the walk because there are these really loud bugs in the trees and you can hear things scampering, like geckos, but you can’t see them.

Anyway, so I get out of the walk and there are these leather skin rednecks (there are a lot of them in Florida) drinking beer in their truck. There are two guys and one girl. And I just walk past their truck to cross the street and I hear, “Oh yeah! Chinese… Japanese… Yeah…”

And I turn around and glare and he says it again!

“Ooh.. Chinese Japanese. I’ll take them all.”

I so badly wanted to flip the bird, or scream something (which I love doing), but they were scary rednecks in a truck with beer cans and I was Kristina Wong with flip flops and house keys.

So I sucked it up and just walked back to the beach house. It’s alright. Their lives are so sad with their bright red skin and tattoos that have lost all definition. And my life is great with my air conditioned beach house.

I told my friend D’lo about this. And D’lo says the next time that happens, I should look at them really seriously and be like, “I have Herpes and Clamydia.”

I thought that was funny.

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