The Unstructured Life.

June 12th, 2008 → Leave a comment

As you can see. I am getting used to being here. And as relaxed as it is– the isolation, the wildlife, and the long list of stuff I need to accomplish while out here has stacked quite the learning curve. It’s actually harder than I thought it would be to figure out how to spend my time here. Time is flying and there’s too much work to do.

My commencement speech for this weekend is still tiptoeing together. I have such high standards for how I want it to go off. But I can’t shake off the crappy unsolicited advice from my mother’s high school friend on how to write a speech. Her stringent advice pretty much boils down to “be a boring know-it-all and make all Chinese people look good.” Her shat advice echoes in my head every time my fingers hit the keyboard….

“Stick to one issue, such as “how English helped me to survive and landed me a job in communication/acting/; how English helped me become a writer; etc.” NOT SOME CONVULUTED SUBJECT that will take a lifetime to explain. Keep it SIMPLE.”

The great news is that the trustees who live on the island are so kind and have offered to take me boating and fishing… something that I’ve never desired much to do, yet made my wishlist on Monday. Today I left the premises to go to dinner with them and found out there is actually a semblance of commerce about two miles up the road.

The sunset over the Gulf of Mexico.

If you were curious about my cottage. Here is the bed I have that overlooks the sea and the living room area.

Here is my living room. Pretty nice huh? It’s the house I imagined having for a long time. And now I feel stressed to make the most of this.

It’s a lot to receive, to breathe and move forward.

By the way, I’m also addicted to this amazing show on TLC called “Jon and Kate plus 8”– about this couple and their kids (a set of twins and a set of sextuplets). The dad is half Korean, but their 1/4 Asian babies look really really Asian! They are such a funny couple and their kids are so adorable. The scenes where the kids are all screaming and yelling makes for a great form of birth control.

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