Viva Las Wongster!

June 5th, 2008 → Leave a comment

I am on a layover now at the Vegas airport. I’m on my way to Minneapolis for the Asian American Theater Conference. After that, I head to Florida to do a 6 week residency (with a quick trip back home for the UCLA commencement speech!) where I get to sit on the beach and expect to finally make some substantial progress on my book.

It’s here! Rest time! Artist time! Real artist time! Not admin crap time. I can’t believe it. I scheduled this residency over a year ago! And it’s finally arrived.

I’m fried. I had a big birthday/ wedding party last night, then got home and started to clear the apartment out for the subletter and was up until 5am. My flight was at 7:30am. I was kinda stressed with all these new airline baggage charges and as I got my crap into just one “first bag checked bag is free” suitcase, I was doing all this “Do I have everything I need… do I? Did I pack too much? Am I going to have to pay for a heavy bag!?”


It’s impossible to sleep on the plane. I’m tempted to sign up for a credit card at the airport for the free neck pillow.

Last night was so fun because Marcus did me up as this big drag queeny bride and officiated my wedding to myself at the restaurant. Yes, I got married to myself last night. It was actually as funny as it was emotional. In wedding fashion, my friends gave some words of advice for how the rest of my life will best be spent by myself. I decided to marry myself this year because I originally wanted an excuse to have a “wedding gift registry” for different organizations I believe in and wanted to raise money for. But it ended up being about me declaring that I would love for myself (this is different than being self-obsessed– which I excel in) no matter what. Unconditional self love and support.

It’s a hard thing to commit to doing. But if I can’t marry myself, why would anyone else want to? Not that getting married to someone else is the end goal. The end goal is to be happy and happier with life no matter what happens to you that you can’t control.

We did a bouquet toss and everything last night. It was hilarious. Pictures to come.

The last days were so impacted. I did my “Whoring for Hollywood! Big Hollywood Showcase!” Monday at the Comedy Central Workspace and it went over really well. Apparently even the folks from Comedy Central had a good laugh. It turns out– I’m an awesome sellout! I didn’t think it was possible for my vision to go over in that kind of setting, but all the time I spent in May working that show so it was still true to who I was, and yet still entertaining– really paid off. A lot of my friends who hadn’t seen me perform in a while came. Like my friend Dwayne came and was like, “Wow, you’ve really grown a lot.”

I have.

The sky is open. I feel it. And I can’t wait til I am on the beaches of Florida feeling that sky a few days from now in front of my own private artist’s cottage. It’s been a nice long crawl to get here and having those little moments to find a little ledge to stand on and admire the view is tremendously validating. A few years ago, I was selling whatever I could online to make ends meet. Now, I am proud to say that even if I spend a lot of time doing arts admin crap, it is at least directed towards my vision.

I am in front of some amazing possibilities. I’ve earned it. I embrace it.

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