Obama… you still owe me a shirt!

May 21st, 2008 → Leave a comment

So for once, in our somewhat impersonal email relationship, Obama emails me, not to ask me for more money… but to tell me… we are pretty much within reach.

It’s sweet. But where is my shirt?

The guy asks me every two days for $25. He flakes out on sending me my shirt and I get no time with him because he’s so busy with his “career.” Geez Louise Obama! Are you my boyfriend or what? Because you are reminding me of men I’ve dated!

Good news is… I came pretty close to raising my goal of $100 for Myanmar/ Burma. Between Sunshine, KT’s partner Kim, Jinsoo and my $20… we have about $100. Thanks for everyone who has sent money over! Next up, I’m trying to save up a little for China’s earthquake relief. This month is a little tricky financially because I’m not touring. Not touring= No income! And even with all the cooking I’ve been doing, money seems to pour through my fingers.

But I have faith! It will all be ok. I’m writing some grants and taking some time to rest and reconnect to LA…. catching up with paperwork… before I leave again.

It’s been a bit quiet over here on Planet Wong. I am working on my “Big Hollywood Showcase” that is my Birthday celebration of sorts. It’s at the Comedy Central Showcase…. yes… a big deal! Peep the flyer below. And please come!

Basically, I’ve been reworking my old showbits into this showcase. It’s a pretty nutty so far. Kind of filthy and raunchy. But I guess that’s who I am on the inside.

Back to the grind.

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