“Artist Travels with her Own Contextualizer”

February 16th, 2008 → Leave a comment

What a trip it’s been in Austin. It’s been so nice to be such a celeb pants out here. My second show was tonight and the houses have been full! So nice to come to a town and think about the performance and not flyering the town to get people to come. They’ve done a great job of bringing in an audience for me and letting me be an artist. The people in Austin are such a great audience and it makes me feel excited and like the future is bright.

This town is amazing. I’m adding it to the list of cities I will move to (so far, Miami, New Orleans, and NYC are on the list, also Portland).

Austin rocks! You can buy a condo for 140K!!! Shoot! I can put a down payment on my credit card. THAT’S CHEAP!

(compared to LA)

YAY Austin! This motel they got to sponsor the festival is cute as pie. It’s right on the hip stretch of South Congress, each room has cute as pie bedsheets and each room is different theme.

The motel cat keeps this place country.

My friend, the famous playwright Alice Tuan, flew in a few days ago care of UT Austin who had her “contextualize” my work during an open Q&A for a theater class today. It was such a privilege. A “contextualizer” flown in to talk about my work?!!? I am not used to having a whole audience of attentive grad and PHd students listening to me and my esteemed colleague shoot the shit. I felt a little bashful about all the attention. Really, I did!

One more show tomorrow and I return to LA life for five weeks! So much more to say, but I’m exhausted.

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