Crafts, Cuckoo’s Nest on Gung Hay Fat Choy, Cat Lady show, and my pretend boyfriend Barack

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New Crafts
I haven’t been knitting much lately if you have figured it out from the blog. It’s been nicer on my wrists and now I don’t feel like I’m going to have carpal tunnel by age 30. I brought much of my yarn stash up to my parent’s house where it’s hiding much to their chagrin. I’ll knit again, but for now I’m taking a breather. I am making a lot of these felt dolls though. I can stitch a doll up in about 40 minutes while watching TV. They make nice thank you gifts. Here’s a stash I made for folks in Miami and at CBS.

I make them out of reclaimed felt and the stuffing is from an old pillow. Yay for green crafts!

Cuckoo’s Nest
I am in Santa Barbara tonight staying at the “Faculty Club”– the campus accommodations. I have a show tomorrow. Yay! What a great way to spend Chinese New Year– talking about suicide and depression! It’s been about four months since I’ve last done Cuckoo’s Nest and I swear it’s a lot harder for me now than it was a few months ago. It is beginning to feel like a pair of pants I’ve outgrown. A lot has to do with the great reality that the depression/mental illness topic doesn’t seem as impossibly elusive to me as it first was when I was trying to tackle the show. Also, I’ve done the show so much that it’s sometimes unreal to me. I also don’t knit as obsessively as I once did, and my body is changing.

So Nurit and I have been reworking parts of the script, finding more places to tighten and slice.
It’s fun when we figure out those moments. It keeps it fresh.

New Show
Even though I swore I wouldn’t make any more performance art shows that were a pain in the ass to tour, I’ve been dreaming up a new show that will be a pain in the ass to tour. I’m working very slowly on a new piece tentatively titled “The Cat Lady” which will be about being a cat lady, pick up artists, dry humping, reality tv, Ross Dress for Less and look at bigger issues of human isolation. I imagine now having newspaper cat sculptures all over the stage that I talk to intimately.

Yeah, not autobiographical or anything.

I’m actually not interested right now in touring it or thinking too big about what I’ll do with it. For once, I want to make a show for myself that is not overtly save-the-world-esque, is not aimed at furthering my career, and instead, is really for me and nobody else. I think touring Cuckoo’s Nest for my livelihood has turned this “love of theater” into a whole other monster. Artmaking becomes so different when you rely on it to pay the bills.

I want “The Cat Lady” to be my return to what I love about my craft. An exercise in having fun as an artist. Not that Cuckoo’s Nest wasn’t fun! It was just really stressful to take on such a nutso issue for a show.

I just hope it isn’t career suicide to expend energy and time on a piece that may have zero financial returns. If anything, will just cost money to make! But I really don’t care tell you the truth. And I have faith that I’ll be fine.

I didn’t become an artist to be rich. Right?

Barack– His middle name is Hussein?
Yay Kristina Wong for coming late to the party. I kept reading “Barack Hussein Obama” on blogs and stuff and just assumed that it was just people being racist a-holes– but YO! That’s really his middle name!

I think Super Tuesday really stunned me in how awesome Americans can be. For some reason I just assumed that most of Middle America was racist and ignorant, but maybe not so much if they are voting for Obama.

My boy Barack took Utah? And all sorts of other states where I never thought they’d ever consider a black president! And the whole “Hussein”/ Muslim connection of his name that you’d think would bother the most ignorant of Americans, has obviously not affected his numbers.

It gives me faith again in Americans… maybe we aren’t as stupid as we seem!

How great it will be to hear that name “Barack Hussein Obama” when he takes the presidential oath. To see a black man, mixed race, who didn’t come from money, a new generation of leadership take the white house.

It really truly will be the America we’ve been waiting for.

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