My Political Participation Nadir/ Nader… Grumble….

February 6th, 2008 → Leave a comment

“Mommy, before you became Daddy’s mistress and had me, did you vote for him during that historic primary in 2008?”

“You see, Barack Jr. When Mommy was a crazy college lefty in 2000, she decided to register as a Green because she was so mad at the two headed monster that was the American political party system. She never changed her party registration thinking it was a nice gesture to help the Greens in numbers, not realizing that your Daddy would one day be running for President as a Democrat.”

“You mean you couldn’t vote for Daddy as a registered Green?”

“Nope, the Armenian senior citizens that ran the polling station in West LA wouldn’t let her. Even though she pouted and begged.”

“What did the polling people say to you when were given a Green Party ballot?”

“They said, ‘Wow, you are only the second Green to come in here’ and they stared at your Mommy like she was some kind of mythical beast.'”

“So who did you end up voting for Mommy?”

“Well Barack Jr., since it was pretty much a giveaway vote she almost voted for a candidate named ‘Mad Max’– because that sounded like it might be kind of fun… but instead gave the vote to Ralph Nader. And it bothers her to this day.”

“So when those primary results showed Nader having six votes in California, does that mean one of those six was you Mommy!?!”

“Yes, much like the Oceanic Six. Your mommy was of the ‘Too-Lazy- to- Switch- from- Green- to Independent- and- Gave- my- Vote -Unwillingly- to- Nader Six.’ But after that day, she changed her party affiliation to ‘Independent’ so that it would never happen again.”

“Mommy, can you explain health care reform to me?”

“Sorry honey, Mommy has to sing happy birthday to your father Marilyn Monroe to JFK style. Maybe later ok?”

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