Obama/Wong ’08

February 4th, 2008 → Leave a comment

Last night at a fancy function in Bel Air for Creative Capital, I heard about an Obama rally for women today at UCLA. And that’s what I just came back from.

And admittedly, it didn’t sound too appealing when I was first told about. I imagined myself standing out with a sign, screaming into the wind. Political rallies… boring. Right?


I never knew a political rally could be so inspiring. That I could actually find myself looking at a candidate and his wife as role models, as people who could give me the inspiration to live my life with more purpose. The way MLK Jr. or other great leaders have given our lives deeper meaning.

And OPRAH was there!

There’s so much I felt being there. I was teary with excitement that this could be my country. That there was such things as politicians who walked their talk, and stood for things I never even imagined were possible.

Obama wasn’t there, but his wife was. She’s the most amazing orator. I found myself teary just listening to her. Is it LA of me to say, “I wish Michelle Obama was my life coach!”

Anyway, there’s so much more to say of this inspiring rally. I think it will be most excellent when Obama becomes our president. He’s freaking handsome. And he’s brilliant.

That’s why I made him my top myspace friend today.

Uh, only bummer is, I can’t vote for him Tuesday. I forgot that I am still registered as Green Party (since 2000– whoops.) Oh well, I urge the rest of you to check the B.O. out and vote for him. He’s my new Ghandi.

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