And as my legs open… so do… the doors!

January 24th, 2008 → Leave a comment

Well, here’s the brief update.

It’s over! The giant 4-week leg of work that started last week of December, went through those two crazy weeks in Miami and then five days here with the CBS showcase finally is over!

And I’m supposedly taking a break now by doing paperwork for my upcoming shows, admin, bill paying, etc. Blech Blech.

I wasn’t sure what to think of the whole showcase because my performance went by very fast. It was very uncharacteristic of the work I do to be dressed so scandalously and speaking in an annoying voice. All I knew is I opened my mouth to say my first line (“Hi Kids! I’m Tila Tequila!”) and before I knew it I was almost done (“Remember! Faculty meeting at noon, in my skirt!”)

Afterwards, the friends who came to see me were like, “Damn Kristina! We didn’t know you had a body like that!!!”

Indeed. Many do not realize that within this hypocritical post feminist exterior lies the body of a washed up belly dancer. I guess my philosophy was, “Well, if I am going to be in this showcase for all of two minutes, I might as well give them something to look at.”

Sorry, no pictures.

I was so glad it was over when it was over. Too much pressure to have to “showcase” myself. I think my solo shows are so much more an indication of how I perform and what I am capable of pulling off. My manager (Oh did I tell you, in my rapidly changing life… I now have a manager… yes, que Hollywood) says that we will prepare a showcase in the Spring that shows off all the guns.

But already the sky has opened nicely. I got a call for an audition tomorrow at Universal. A series regular role on a sitcom pilot. The character has never gone on a date, works with cats, and is obsessive.

Hmmm….. such a stretch.

Hopefully these opportunities will keep pouring in. Not bad considering we are still in the middle of the writer’s strike. Then my life will move forward as planned. Get big ass tv jobs, buy house, buy a child from China to call my own, give money to awesome gay charities and artists, end global warming, and relax.

Relax? WTF is that?!

I think the big crossroads that comes up more and more as this Hollywood Wong thing becomes a reality, is how to balance my vision, ethics, and craft within the heartless machine that is the entertainment industry. Well, the ethics part I seem to have all but completely lost in the last few weeks (so no need to fret over that!), but what I’ve never figured out is how I will bridge all these different identities and still be the awesome Wong who blogs for you now.

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