Where’s Wongdo?

January 10th, 2008 → Leave a comment

I’m teaching little Wongs all week in Little Haiti and doing guest talks at different colleges in Miami. I’ve been teaching improv games and writing exercises to these cutie pies at Youth Expressions. Many of them are coming to my show next week, and I actually worry that it may corrupt them.

What a strange trip this has been and I still have six more days here. I really feel like I could live here. Of course, I’m spoiled and staying at the Standard so of course I could live here. I love the drive back to the hotel where I pass water on both sides. I love looking at the Bay outside the hotel pool. I love the artists and people I am meeting. I love the food… well… kinda. The Haitian and West Indian food has not stuck too well to my sides.

I wish I had more time here. I’ve been getting invites to shows, to go yachting, and to get drinks but this old lady conks out early and I’m running out of time to get the show together!

And I have yet to really get plunged into the show. My director Nurit comes in this weekend and we will be doing some intense rehearsals.

So, what kind of omen is this?

There was a dying bird on my car last night! I tried to shoo it off, but it wouldn’t move. I guess it wanted to go for a ride with me. I didn’t want to touch it so I just tried to drive it. But about two blocks later it slid off and flew/rolled off into the street. What does it mean when dying things that cannot fly try to catch a ride with you?

Picked up again in Little Haiti! Screw the Korean diplomat! I got me a new Miami man! Meet my new fake boyfriend Ron! He cooks a mean saltfish and banana dinner!

Anyway, I did get a call from the Korean Pick Artist yesterday. He had read my account of him on the blog (and was not upset!), but sadly, did not hear me scream his exploits out on Miami sports radio. He cannot make my show next week because he has tickets to the Foo Fighters. WEAK. Kristina Wong or Foo Fighters? I say scalp those tickets and watch me march around in my one piece swimsuit.

I can’t believe I have to switch gears super quickstyle when I get back to LA for the CBS showcase. One of the actors wrote saying they miss me over there. Is it bad that I don’t miss LA much?

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