Sports and Feminism… This is my Miami Sound Machine.

January 8th, 2008 → Leave a comment

Here I am on my lazy Sunday at the beach with crazy frizzed hair.

So I went from being lonely and bored out of my mind in Miami to doing the work I’ve been paid to come out here for, and at like, breakneck speed.

And yay, this is what I do as a solo artist!

I’m teaching guest workshops all over Miami this week. And also doing the round of press interviews.

Oddly enough, Miami seems to be the town for a lot of firsts in my career. I was interviewed on a radio show just last night. Not just any radio show– a bilingual sports radio show! Yes… a SPORTS SHOW!!! I always thought Bill O’Reilly would put me on the air before a sports show. I sure was nervous that they wouldn’t “get” me, and that it would be scary frat-like (the show was sponsored by Cheetahs Strip club!), but the two sportscaster guys were super sweethearts and totally listened to me. I did alright!

So for my sports show interview, I put on my best “alpha male” face, tucked a rolled up sock into my panties, and interviewed with my best “brazen broad” persona.

Listen to me here. Thanks Wes Kim for hosting the interview!

Some of my highlights from this radio interview…

* Used the “F” word at least five times. (The “F word” being “feminist”)
* Talked about sports. (huh?!)
* Talked so dirty that I made both sportscaster guys blush.
* Said one thing that they had to “dump” because it wasn’t appropriate for the air (Ironically, the phrase they “dumped” was “poopoo peepee.”).
* When I ran out of material, I would comment on the homo erotic tension between the two guys.
* Snuck in some third wave feminist commentary about performing gender within the PUA community.
* Screamed the name of my Korean Pick Up artist, dictated his exploits over the airwaves and demanded he call me at the station (he didn’t btw :<).
* Declared National Dry Hump Day on Jan 16.
* Declared the end to the use of the word “minorities” and instead a push for the word “majorities.”

This is all so weird, being so, dare I say… “mainstream.” I feel like I’ve crawled out of a cave of women’s studies and now I am interacting, a lifetime later, with the rest of the world. I just hope my show doesn’t disappoint. I still feel like my references may be too obscure for a comedy audience. But they don’t think so which is how I ended up at this joint.

Oh well, embrace and enjoy the ride.

I also might be on TV here later this week. Yay!

Here are some other pictures for my mother who likes to look at pictures of food on the road…

Here is the Cuban omelette sandwich I ate today.

And here is the Banana Cheese Omelette I had yesterday. Ew. Didn’t like it much.

And here I am cruising at a gay bar on the beach.

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