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January 3rd, 2008 → Leave a comment

I’m at LAX now for my 8:25 am flight to Miami. I packed the whole apartment into two suitcases it seems.

Yet again, I couldn’t bribe anyone for a ride. So I turned to my new best friend, fake tv boyfriend, and ex-reality star for help.

Yay! Spoon, from VH1’s “The Pick up Artist” gave me a second ride to the airport. And this time he rolls up to my apartment at 6:30am and there’s a guy in the passenger seat. I hear, “Is that her?!”

(And I project, from his voice, that perhaps he too was a wee bit disappointed that I don’t look like a school girl, instead I look like Kristina.)

It’s Brady, the runner up from VH1’s the Pick up artist, also Spoon’s roommate. Brady also got a stripper to make out with him on the show. Which even as a feminist, I found impressive.

I think Brady and Spoon were the cutest ones on the show. I was so starstruck by these two ex-reality stars outside of my apartment taking me to the airport, I started to jump up and down with glee. I think they were happy to be appreciated as their show was kind of the sleeper hit of VH1’s line up in 2007 and their return to real life has been not as glamorous.

It was such a fun ride over.

Brady busts out with one of the pick up lines (“openers”) that I knew well from watching the show and reading “The Game.” He says from the backseat, “So who do you think lies more, girls or guys?”

I started screaming and laughing, “Don’t pull that shit on me! I know all the lines! I’ve read the pick-up books! I know all the tricks! Those openers they taught you were so ridiculous.”

And then Brady ad libs with another opener, which had to be the dumbest one on the show, “Did you see the fight outside?”

We were all laughing.

Then I started to wag my finger at those two and scolded them, “You know, you two were just as cute, if not cuter before your Pick-up makeovers. I actually preferred you guys when you were dorks.”

Spoon shook his head as if to say, “No like the old Spoon.”

Anyway, I was so happy when they dropped me off at the curb, I jumped up to hug both of them.

Yay! Rock Star!


Will post pictures when I land.

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