Back when I had time to knit like serial killer….

December 22nd, 2007 → Leave a comment

In other news, I am waking up depressed as hell every day this week. Perhaps it’s the holidays and this feeling that nobody is left in the city. A lot of it has to do with the fact that I cannot find this mini DV tape from a performance I did last year and it’s driving me nuts. It’s a performance that I am trying to remount in Miami in two weeks and I’ve made almost no preparations since my performance head has been in cuckoo nest land. When I lose things I really need or when technology isn’t on my side, I feel like my whole world is out of control. And yet… all that’s really happened is I can’t find a mini DV tape.

Also I finally watched the last DVD of LOST. Making that 23 episodes that I watched over four days. I got so freaked out watching those back to back to back that I was scared to sleep in my own bedroom and was camping out in the living room where it’s somehow safer. I’m officially clear until next year when the Season 4 DVDs come out and I get to engorge on TV watching all over again.

If any of you are able to. Please send a spell to my apartment so I can find this mini DV tape and I can get on with my life already.

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