The Dirty South

December 6th, 2007 → Leave a comment

I’m in New Orleans for the National Performance Network Meeting. I’m here until Monday. At these conferences they usually have showcases every evening but they’ve scheduled all the performances to happen all day Saturday. I think this is because we are across the street from the Harrah’s Casino and nothing will get done when there is a casino and a French Quarter to wander away to. Already in one night, I managed to hit happy hour, Mother’s (my favorite restaurant), the W Hotel, Cafe Du Monde and I helped my friend Regie win $7.41 in the penny slots.

The shrimp and lobster po’boy from Mother’s. I swear it will be another three days before I come close to eating a vegetable.

They’ve managed to “clean up” the whole area from the airport to Downtown– and purposely so. If you didn’t know about Katrina, you might not guess anything happened. I got chills passing the Superdome and remembering the stories of people jumping to their death, getting assaulted, and shit piling up in the toilets there. The French Quarter is a lot more corporate than I remember it, it’s a little like an outdoor mall and eerily like Third Street Promenade. And I don’t remember this place being so “slick around the edges.”

We’re going on a bus tour in an hour of the parts of New Orleans that most tourists will miss. Should be interesting.

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