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November 29th, 2007 → Leave a comment

I must be exhausted from having been in SF for the last three weekends but I’m getting absolutely nothing done this week. Aside from my talk at Cal State San Marcos yesterday I am very slowly slaying my work.

My friend came over and I made her and Luis the plumber watch 2girls1cup.

I kind of wish that I didn’t ask Luis to watch it, because I think he misinterpreted it as a “go-ahead” to tell us all the adult video stories he has in his memory bank. It was a little scary how much he decided to “open up” to us about his knowledge on the subject of enemas, etc.

Anyway, I have a funny story about my talk at the college yesterday. There were all sorts of technical difficulties with my DVD and I found myself vamping a lot as we were fiddling with the technology. One of the students in the class was like, “Hey, so tell us about your time writing for Playgirl.”

And I said something like, “Yeah, it was a really exciting thing for me as a feminist to be part of trying to revive a magazine that could possibly change that women saw their own sexuality and it was exciting to write for a magazine that attempted to create porn for women.”

Then the hole I dug….

“… and yeah… I really wanted to push an Asian man issue to them. Because Asian men in porn are always taking it from behind and it would have been great to have an Asian guy on the cover you know like, here I am. (I gesture) Because there’s this stereotype that Asian men aren’t well endowed and that’s not really true you see…. um…. um….”

I turn red. The class of 60 students starts to laugh.

“…um… so, back to the DVD I was trying to show you.”

The nice thing about the San Diego gig was stopping in San Clemente for a lunch by the sea.

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