The Indiana Slumlord speaks.

November 16th, 2007 → Leave a comment

So I’m up in San Francisco again for a grant panel. And now I’m headed back again next week for Takesgiving.

My three day run in Los Angeles this week was nuts. I did a show, got interviewed for current tv about the car, did some acting work, went to a rehearsal at CBS, threw out a bunch of crap from the apartment. Then ran back to the airport to sit on a grant panel in SF. I’m actually in the process of re-establishing residency in San Francisco (and will be living both here and in LA when there is work). I can’t wait because there’s so much more grant money here for the arts.

So…I have been giving this real estate thing another thought. I don’t know if I’m going to be a slumlord in Indiana. This global warming/ end of the world thing is kinda making me wonder if it makes sense to own anything anymore. Like isn’t the world going to just explode soon? And will is even matter to own property? Shouldn’t I just spend my money on margaritas and a good massage?

If only there was a scientist who could weigh these options for me.

One of my friends who now owns sent me some interesting things to ask myself…

“Do I want the length of my life in Los Angeles to be determined by a
housing market or by me?
Am I making enough money and can I commit to making that much money,
that is, never again making less money, for the rest of my life?
Do I love the place or am I just in love with the idea of being a
Can I do all that homeowner crap on my own (unless you got married
recently and I just missed that somehow)?”

And there’s also the fact that while I may not seem to be “directly” impacted by the mortgage crisis and could stand to own for the first time out of it, I am part of the economy and could easily be a homeowner with flailing arms trying to figure out what to do in a rocky home owning economy. So for now, renting is ok.

All I know is, I’m having a rough time today where I am feeling under-accomplished and overwhelmed by life. I’m running into artists doing as much as I take on, if not more, and some of them have kids, and even had a wild past where they are now sobered up meth addicts. I don’t even have the excuse that I was a meth addict to account for a lot of wasted time in my 20’s. Just sleeping too much and being involved in too many projects that never got finished. I can’t imagine having a kid on top of it.

Do you ever feel like I do right now? Like despite having done a lot in your life, it still isn’t enough?

Thoughts please.

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