Crossing Picket Lines, Cleaning House

November 7th, 2007 → Leave a comment

It’s always so busy now that there’s hardly the time to blog. Which makes me wonder what the hell I was doing with my time a few years ago that all I did was blog.

On Saturday, I finished BECAUSE, my 8 week multi-generational writing/performance workshop for women of color that I facilitate with an Artist-in-Residence Grant from the city. I was really proud of all 18 of my participants. They produced unique and amazing work. Sometimes I feel like I haven’t done anything remarkable with my life. But when I think about the women that have been in my workshop, I feel very proud that I’ve had some impact on someone else.

Speaking of queer women of color… ha! WTF is with Tila Tequila and why can’t I stop watching her train wreck of a show?

I’m so horrified but glued to this woman and her thin personality. I admire her business prowess but it confuses me. Is the only way a woman can get ahead from nothing is by posing in her bikini? What about people like me? My mother would never let me have my own paysite and pose in a bikini! Tila has an unfair advantage! Oprah and Martha Stewart never had to get to their skivvies. Perhaps that is some hope.

I wrote a sketch about Tila Tequila for the CBS showcase. It’s a tough process. They have us write sketches and only 12 or so get used in the show. And it’s been a few years since I’ve written sketches, let alone stage material for more than one performer! They estimate that 300 sketches are pitched. I think it’s more like 100. Anyway. So I’ve only written this one Tila Tequila sketch and I was pretty proud of how it turned out. And it’s amazing that a lot of my solo performer skills have translated ok to the sketch world. I was thinking since they are such tough cookies they wouldn’t be into my Tila sketch but they actually thought it was pretty funny. I’m thinking it may not get used in January since her career will probably crash out by then and so will the buzz from her show. But I had a good time writing it. And now I need to churn out a dozen more.

It’s pretty crazy going over to CBS with the big writer’s strike. They are picketing all the networks. And as a SAG member we are encouraged to march with them in solidarity. It’s a pretty bad time now for me to be getting this CBS showcase, because if things don’t clear up, there won’t be any shows to audition for when this is all over. I read that agents are already cutting down on staff and budgets and I can see that this is just beginning to really impact the economy nationally. Yay for horrible timing.

I always support people on strike. When the supermarkets were on strikes, I’d bring them food and water. But I’ve never had to cross a picket line, and in my car at that. I think the picketing writers were really confused at how I honked for them but also almost ran them over to get into the CBS lot.

So I’m really just getting ready for my show in SF this week. Cleaning out years of crap from the apartment. Listening to self help tapes. Thinking up sketch ideas. Trying to take over the world. Same shit as usual.

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