Typing in Bed.

October 12th, 2007 → Leave a comment

Wow, does time fly fast. It’s so busy that I am in bed with all my clean laundry, the cat, and my laptop all here trying to make it happen. As always. I’m exhausted and now another week closes and I have a show again on Tuesday! I can’t complain about work though. I pretty much passed out today at home after I went to a morning meeting.

The show in Berkeley went super well. So my plans to outsource to India didn’t really work out the way I wanted it to. This service I signed up for seems to think that really simple internet research is “out of the realm” of what they are able to do. Yet this same service is able to do such things as search Craigslist for your next boyfriend or help you book a flight.

So I cancelled. Marjorie has been helping me. It’s been great but still not enough help. There’s so much to do.

Anyway, earlier this week, my friend Bobby had me over at his garage studio to do an interview. I haven’t even watched it. I’m afraid of what I said. You tell me, I’ll just close my eyes.

The link here.


or watch it here…



As I left, Phil of Angryasianman.com came in for his interview. This tiny world we live in. I said to him, “Do you really want people to know what you look like? They’re going to come after you.”

Too late for me. I’m a goner.

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