“It took the journey it took.”

October 4th, 2007 → Leave a comment

I’m in Berkeley where the show opens tonight. I’m a little nervous. But I also know that I know this show pretty well now. So well, that it’s becoming a different monster sometimes. I didn’t personally do a lot of marketing outreach. I hired some help for that and am relying largely on word of mouth. I sent a lot of postcards out and most of those are in two big stacks at the theater still. I am getting to the point in my career that I can’t be flyering all over town and doing the show all by myself and I have to just let it be.

My show has transformed so much and I wish in ways that my pants weren’t so down when I premiered here last December. I think the audience still enjoyed it and all my crowds were very generous with their applause. But it could have been a lot better. I really look at this run as a chance to redeem myself.

And this time, no Q&A! I have boundaries baby!

I flew Nurit up here to help look at the show. Since I’ve been on break all summer, I look at this weekend as my “homecoming” for the shows to come in the Fall and Spring. I was telling her about how I wish it had come along this far sooner.

She said, “Hey, the show took the journey it took. That’s that.”

Which makes me realize how important it is for artists to have the space to develop their work. Readings, informal showings, etc. Unfortunately, a lot of emerging artists don’t get as many shots as I have to get the show down right.

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