“What just got thrown at my head?!? Oh. It’s a bone.”

October 1st, 2007 → Leave a comment

Last week I was feeling disgruntled for all the paperwork that seems to go into keeping me alive. On a quiet and lonely Saturday night, I was too exhausted to go out and enjoy the evening, and had too much work to finish to move.

Then I open my mail to find I got approved for a grant that will help me pay for a web designer, arts writer, and booking assistant for the next few months.

It was a very sweet moment to have. Alone in my apartment. On a Saturday night on an empty and growling stomach. Holding that acceptance letter.

I wrote this grant during my existential crisis this past summer. I recall it took me a whole week of moaning and groaning and a cup of tears to finish. I even drove to the airport post office to get it in by the postmark deadline.

By corporate standards it’s a small amount I will receive, but it will do me so much good. I am not complaining at all. It’s the absolute best investment I will make. And finally, I see the possibility of being a balanced artist again.

So if anyone is interested…I am hiring a booking assistant (preferably with experience in booking live theater) and an arts writer/publicist who can help sass up the writing on my website and marketing materials. There is pay! Send your resumes!

One of my students Saturday said, “Kristina I was reading your blog. It’s so interesting to see how you’ve progressed over time.”

Indeed. A few years ago I contemplated selling my underwear over the internet. I’d wake up every morning panicked and discouraged. It sucked.

Now I can take care of myself. And I bring in others to help me because there is so much abundance to manage. And it’s a great feeling.

Thank you.

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