Attention, All Asian men with facial hair. You are Lance Ito!

September 21st, 2007 → Leave a comment

Did you hear about the whole debacle with and how they mistakenly asked some random Asian man what he thought of OJ Simpson, thinking the dude was Lance Ito?

Anyway, I think it’s so funny that any Asian man with facial hair walking around the free gift bag line can pass as Lance Ito. This is beyond lame.

My friend Yi says has been mistaken as Sandra Oh. WHAT??!

I have not been mistaken for anyone sadly. But perhaps I’ll stand in a free gift bag line at an opening and do interviews on behalf of Zhang Ziyi. It’s about time Zhang Ziyi push a radical feminist agenda at the press.

We do look kind of similar.

You know who looks really Lance Ito-ish? My friend Isaac. In fact, when I saw the video I was like, “Hey! The guy who DOESN’T look like Lance Ito looks like Isaac.”

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