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September 13th, 2007 → Leave a comment

I have so much to update on about Greece, being a West LA refugee, my show last Sunday, San Francisco— but this family obligation stuff has really sucked me away. And I am perfectly fine with it. I want to be here for my family. Oh man, it can be so much work and energy. I’ve been passing out every night after we come back from the hospital with my laptop in bed with me.

I start teaching my BECAUSE performance/writing workshops on Saturday, when I fly in. The last time I flew in the same day I started teaching, my car wouldn’t start and I had to get a ride to Van Nuys. I had a dream last night that my car wouldn’t start again. I hope it wasn’t prophetic.

And the Fall has kicked into full force. I have been waking up in bed at around 6am every day since I’ve been here and doing nothing but emailing from bed. I finally had to tell myself to get up and shower so I could actually sorta maybe leave the house and get things going.

Can I just say one thing if anything? Family is so important. Grandparents are so important. I have always thought that it was being raised by my grandparents that kept me from becoming a stripper or doing nudie pics for purchase on the web. Because grandparents house that spirit and hope that watch our lives and tell us to do the “right thing” all the time. Plus, they instill us with a healthy sense of guilt that follows us for the rest of our lives if we were to set up a paysite. That’s why the kids that I will one day adopt from China will be raised around my parents, so that they will carry a great sense of guilt if they were to ever pose naked for a webcam.

I would like to thank my grandparents and grandparents everywhere that have prevented us from taking our clothes off for money, and instead, encouraging us to get good grades and becoming edgy performance artists who also freelance write for porn magazines. Well, at least, the get good grades part.

Yes, yes ya’all. Wisdom from the Wong.

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