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August 20th, 2007 → Leave a comment

No pictures for the moment. But I do have stories of things I did this weekend.

1. Projekt Newspeak Show
I was one of three women on this very very male, very hip hop, very spoken wordy bill. So of course I had to genderf*ck the whole show with my craziness. I turned it out and did my “Checklist” piece. My friend Omar came out and put on my fake puppet vagina and danced to Flashdance with me. I pulled a long train of fabric out of his vag and danced and danced in my unitard while all the hip hop guys backstage stared in awe of my madness. At the end, Omar threw a bucket of confetti at me and I screamed repeatedly to the roaring crowd, “THANK YOU LOS ANGELES!”

2. Fiber and Wool Festival in Santa Monica!

I wish I had a camera to show you all what a crack house this festival was for me! You know you are addicted to fiber when you are buying wool in August in Los Angeles. There were llamas on display. And I watched silkworms eat. I also saw a guy with an angora bunny on his lap yank the hair straight off the bunny and spin it to yarn! I bought some wool to spin on my drop spindle.

3. West LA Farmer’s Market

The Sunday West LA Farmer’s Market is so awesome. It just started up a few years ago and it fills me with so much community pride. I have again, no pictures. But it’s a tiny farmer’s market that I found myself at because I was hankering for tamales. When I got there, there were 15 kids playing wind instruments as part of the “itty bitty idol contest”– It was the cutest thing ever. They even had judges from the community giving them feedback. So cute. I felt so proud to be part of West LA.

Right now, I’m getting ready for my Outflow show this weekend. And trying to throw a ton of crap out of the house. I can’t believe I’ve lived in the same place for six years. And I have a lot of crap to show for it. What was good about cleaning up was I found the source of the cat pee smell in my office. It’s recent cat pee. I’m not that gross. But tracking down that smell was what prompted me to clean. Sad, that I had to unearth like 10 months of laziness to find it.

Yay! Cat lady!

Anyway… I’m going to Greece next week on a cruise with my mom! It’s been so crazy trying to sort through the loads of work, that I haven’t even processed that I am getting out of this joint for ten days. I haven’t prepared at all.

I’m also crocheting the above bikini from “Sexy Little Knits” in Navy blue. It’s going pretty fast, I almost finished the back of the butt part last night. It’s my first project that isn’t a hat, scarf, blanket or something to keep me warm! It’s exciting! Finally something sexy that I can wear! I think I’ll finish it by the time I land in Greece or a few days into my visit. I’m not sure if I’ll actually wear it in public though. I definitely don’t think I’ll be wearing it on my blog! I may just run around the apartment with my blinds drawn and jump around (I’m so shy.). Apparently I can swim with it on! My mother will probably throw a trench coat over me if I run around the cruise ship wearing this!

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