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August 14th, 2007 → Leave a comment

It’s always weird for me to not update for a while because it feels like the last entry marks me!


The existential crisis…

I’m happy to say that while I don’t have an answer to my existential crisis, it is very much passing. I am not looking for a psychic or fortune teller anymore, but feel a lot more settled in the unknown.

The Spoon Situation

Aw, so in my last entry, I wrote about how I befriended a reality TV star and we started instant messaging and I declared him my future husband. For those of you don’t get my sense of humor, it’s just a pretend relationship. And while Spoon’s a total cutie pie, I prefer being the cat lady. My pops already admonished me, “Be careful of people who you talk to on the internet! Remember! He could be a guy from ‘To Catch a Predator’!”

I’ve made it very clear to my internet reality tv pretend boyfriend, Spoon, from “The Pick-Up Artist,” that I am a career woman and while the idea of leeching off his 15 minutes of fame is tempting, it is not enough to lure the Wong. He did say something very sweet like, “I’m not into Asian women.” To which I challenged him with, “WTF?! Who are you?! How can you diss on your sisters?”

And then he said he said that he likes white women because they are “vintage” and “like to get dirty.” To which I responded, “I’m filthy!!!”

And then he said the sweetest thing: “If every Asian woman was like you Kristina Wong, I’d be in heaven.”

Awww… still no excuse for hating on the sisters. But aww……

Wong shirts for sale!

(Yeah yeah, posing on a car to sling shirts. I’m not above it.)

I’ve had these for a while, but finally am getting the chance to hawk these publicly.

My friend Ryan is helping me with a brainchild I’ve had forever… Wong shirts!
The Store is here.

I went to the Simpsons’ Movie dressed like Marge and sat in the theater like this the whole time….

It was a little anti-climactic because it wasn’t opening weekend….

Other stuff…

I’m just trying to redesign my site and get work done, but the heat has not been on my side.

I’m in these shows the next two weeks…

This weekend…

And the following weekend…

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