How cute is SPOON?!

August 7th, 2007 → Leave a comment

So I don’t even have cable, but now, I’m going to ask Vince to Tivo this show for me…

It’s Vh1’s “The Pick Up Artist”– a show where this guy named “Mystery” who looks like a cheezey Goth wearing clearance rack stuff from Hot Topic shows eight “lovable losers” how to get their mack on.

Anyway, the only reason why I’m going to watch is because there are two totally adorable Asian boys on it who are so helpless around women. Aw. So cute.

Aw, Asian boys with no game. So cute. They are so cute too. They look like guys I’d have crushes on.

One of the guys is named “Spoon”– so cute! He’s Chinese. He’s like my mom’s dream come true.

Anyway, you know what? I’m IM’ing with Spoon now. He put his IM handle on his myspace page. And I added it to my Buddy list to see if he’d really show up and there he is! And we are actually writing each other. It’s unreal. It’s like I’m stepping into a new dimension. I can’t believe how accessible people are now.

Here’s part of our silly chat.

KRISTINA: hi spoon!
i’m kristina!

SPOON: hello

KRISTINA: oh my god!

SPOON: i’m spoon

KRISTINA: you’re so cute
i just asked you to be my myspace friend

SPOON: well thx

KRISTINA: i don’t have cable but now i want to get it

And more of our chat….

KRISTINA: So why is the world’s biggest Mack a cheesey goth?

SPOON: nah

KRISTINA: i hold it up for you asian brother

SPOON: see i think that’s what vh1 wants people to think
he’s not cheesey

and even more…

SPOON: i look different now
i lost a bit of weight

KRISTINA: and your name is spoon!

SPOON: been going to the gym 6 days a week
for a month now

KRISTINA: aw cute
you’re my mom’s dream come true
do you want to come to san francisco and meet my family?
they’ll go nuts for you!

SPOON: lol sure

YAY! I found my Mom a husband! Woo woo! And his name is Spoon and he’s Chinese and he came from Television!


It’s a good day in America!

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