Still alive.

July 26th, 2007 → Leave a comment

Some of my friends (well, Jen and Marcus at least) now call me on a daily
basis to make sure I’m still alive. That’s so sweet.

I felt really good yesterday when I saw a bunch of artists who had taken my workshop and they said such great things about how it impacted them. It meant a lot to know that all this time I’ve spent in LA has not been for nothing and that my work is important to people.

I am still alive. And today I am practicing the sweet art of delegating work. I’ve never done it before. But I guess if I am going to do the world and do it big, I need to find the time to do what I’m best at.

I am hiring my friend Marie Reine to produce my BECAUSE workshop. Hopefully she can take on some other stuff that has been spilling out of my ears. And I have a housekeeper over now helping me clean up. I’ve never hired a real full on housekeeper. It always felt unnecessary because I live in an apartment and I am an artist. It feels so odd and elitist to have someone clean up after me. And I surprisingly don’t feel very guilty. It’s kind of relieving to know that I finally have time.

I did a “pre-clean” of the apartment, and she was still horrified when she saw the place.
I think she said she’d have to come back to really get a good crack at the mess.

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