This is my future. I can see it now.

July 19th, 2007 → Leave a comment

Look! It’s Kristina in the year 2057.

The week has been totally non-productive and this morning is no exception. I think I am just flat out plain out tired of working. I feel like all I do is run marathon after marathon.

I went to the beach with Jen, my tech, yesterday and it seems that everyone is freaking in love or being loved to death, or moving town for love, having condos bought for them by their parents so that they can make the most of their life…

And then there’s me….

I am a cat lady, who still rents, spending my summer crocheting stuff that is too warm to wear..

Here I am at the beach with the new hat I just crocheted.

Vince came by to help me shoot the video and I think I scared the crap out of him with crazy talk about, “What is this all for? Why do I work so hard? How long can I go on working like this?” And I was just talking about how my friend was diagnosed with breast cancer. And she’s only a few years older than me. And I was like, “Man, is this what life is?!” And then I found myself fighting back tears. And he just sat silent on the couch.

And then we shot this video.

Then Vince went to play poker and I lay in bed and started a big long existential cry. It was crazy. I’m not sure what I was crying about. But I just was crying. It had been so long since I cried like that. I thought about calling someone. The one person I called didn’t pick up. And I was too tired to call anyone else. And the people who I would have called are super depressed now.

And I passed out from crying. Woke up, and felt better again. Like nothing ever happened. Refreshed and ready to go at it again.

This is my glamorous life.

In other news, I decided yesterday to have a crafting party in my apartment in a few weeks.

(Don’t worry guys, I’m totally fine. Swear. 🙂 Please don’t call me in a panic. I am fine.)

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