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July 11th, 2007 → Leave a comment

I had a great show with Guillermo Gomez Pena at the FORD last Saturday. I can’t believe I put together a dry humping show in one week. It was totally sold out and I even saw one of the high school students all grown up that used to be part of my teen theater. That was a little odd and embarrassing since I still see him as a high school student. There was a college student who was Asian American who gushed to me after. Aw, a mentor moment.

Anyway, I’m just enjoying the downtime from performing even though I made a list of everything that needs to get done in the two months that I stay put, and there’s actually not a lot of downtime!

So I’ve been thinking of selling my car and going carless in LA. It would be the end of an era to part with my pink beauty. It’s just that I don’t drive it enough and am on tour so much that it seems too expensive to own with fuel costs, etc. I’ve been adding up the numbers of what it costs to drive in LA and it’s so expensive. I also took the bus the other day to the MOCA on a bus line that goes right on the freeway. It was so convenient. So I’ve been staking out options to do the city by bike, bus, shared rides, walking, and taxi. It seems quite possible.

Any takers for a famous stinky car?

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