Hobbies are vital.

June 30th, 2007 → Leave a comment

The light is at the end of the tunnel.

I’m at the Kansas City airport now waiting for my connecting flight to LA. (Btw, the free wifi connection here won’t let me view my own website because it’s supposedly considered porn. Hey, Asian American woman, porn– same thing.)

The last two days in NY were not so bad weather-wise and I will be a little nostalgic for NY this summer. But I totally broke the bank this past month and don’t think I can go back for a while. It’s totally fine. I look forward to cooking my own meals. Staying in. And having free adventures of which there are plenty of in LA. As soon as I wrap the show at the Ford next week, it gets a lot more relaxed. I’ve been non-stop since last year. And I looked in the mirror in the airplane bathroom a few hours ago and look like total shit. Rest is key.

I am very thankful for having found hobbies a few years ago. Performance and writing isn’t really a hobby. It feels like work. Especially since I live off of it. It’s fun and interesting work. But it’s good to have hobbies not related to work. And it’s good that I do things not related to race, activism, etc. Because that would make me more jaded and cranky than I am now. That’s why I like bikes and knitting.

I don’t understand why people are waiting in line for a $600 Iphone when they already have phones. And I don’t know why I didn’t think to solicit a potential sucka arts patron/ sugar daddy from that line. So I was thinking of what I could be as obsessed with as these guys camping for an Iphone. I decided that it would probably be a fiber and wool festival. My friend Wes’ wife Jessica seems to go to them a lot. So I think I will try to hit one this year and make a bunch of new spinster friends who are in their 60s.

I looked up some online and almost came in my pants to see that there are two fiber fests in California this summer. One is in Santa Monica.

The Fabulous Fiber Fest in Santa Monica

California Wool and Fiber Festival in Mendocino County

Yay for yarn! A single woman’s porn! Who will come with me to these festivals?

So here’s a funny story. Or not funny, just interesting.

I was with spoken word artist Kelly Tsai in the East Village and we were crossing the street and I swear I see Carson from Queer Eye for the straight guy crossing towards us.

Me: Oh my god Kelly! It’s Carson! From Queer Eye!

Kelly: That’s not him.

Me: Yeah it is!

(Carson crosses past us)

Kelly: Go say hi! Go say hi!

(I run towards him and scream at his back)

Me: Carson! We love you.

(He doesn’t turn around.)

(Two blocks of walking later.)

Me: Oh wait a sec. That was Austen Scarlett from Project Runway. Not Carson.

Also, while I was out here, I saw Naima, who won America’s Next Top Model a few seasons back. She randomly stopped by the Hip Hop Theater Fest booth at this street fair I was at. I didn’t register it was her, but because she was on TV and so part of my consciousness I was like, “Oh hey!” in that old familiar friend kind of way. (Then I realized, she doesn’t actually know me.) It wasn’t until way later that I realized she was from TV but I was talking to her like I had known her forever.

I have to board my flight now.

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