The Sweats

June 28th, 2007 → Leave a comment

God. Just get me out of here already. It’s a nasty sauna outside. You shower and as soon as you step out you’re sweating. One more day and I return back to a less humid, cleaner and fresher LA.

I’ve spent my week just having meetings and meals. I was at Imaginasian TV yesterday and they invited me to eat birthday cake for all their June birthdays. It was a really nice surprise when an intern came to me and said, “Hi Kristina Wong, I saw your show at the festival. It was really really amazing.”

It meant so much and was such a nice surprise.

I’ve crocheted like 6 beanies since I’ve been here. No, make that 7.

I’m trying to write “the years of lying dangerously” which I am doing next week at the Ford. I have no idea what to do. i am so brain fried.

I think I may just dry hump the floor for 20 minutes while talking about how “wong flew over the cuckoo’s nest” has managed to scare off anyone from ever wanting to date me ever.

No new pics to share, so here’s an old pic of me dressed like i’m a 14 year old school girl. I took it because I actually tied the windsor knot on my own from instructions on the internet and wanted to remember my handywork.

Please friends, don’t beat off to it.

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