Too much baggage

June 1st, 2007 → Leave a comment

Found an open connection on my stopover in Kansas City.

I had to pay $25 at LAX because one of my bags was 60 pounds! I packed a ton of stuff. Including my computer printer.

Sorry for the week of silence. I started a blog entry and then got slammed with work and never got to update it.

This week has been crazy. I am landing in NYC later today where this month I’ll be part of six shows, four of them will be Wong Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. The other two will be “The Edge of the World” with the Asian Arts Initiative. I’m there all month! Woo! Craziness. I’m subletting my friend’s place near Hunter College.

June in New York! Should be fun, and a lot of work. I worked really hard earlier this year so that this month could be possible.

My birthday is on Monday. Colleen, my resident “brag-a-friend” as I call her, and coolest person I know in NY says she will hang out with me so I will not be totally alone on my birthday. I want to go to the MAD Museum during the day for the “Radical Knitting” exhibit and maybe eat a pizza at night. I don’t have big plans.

Last minute this week I decided to hire Marjorie to be my “Community Outreach Coordinator” in New York. It was just too overwhelming to do the show and also deal with all the administrative details of putting up the show. She was so excited about coming out and being part of the festival. She just graduated from college and has never been to NY. She was like, “Kristina Wong– You are like Oprah!” It was funny. I hope she learns a lot, does a great job, and one day brings her own solo show to the festival.

Doing a show in New York is a big deal. And I hope I can really do a bang up job like I did my closing night in LA. I’m putting a lot of energy, moolah, etc into this. I hope it all pays off.

And I hope I have a good time doing it.

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